Rural Planning Policy to 2050

In 2019, we collaborated with the rural planning team at Savills to undertake research on future rural planning policy. The research was commissioned by the Scottish Government to inform preparation of the next National Planning Framework (NPF4), which is Scotland's national spatial plan. The research explored the current challenges and the future opportunities for land use diversification in rural Scotland. It considered how planning policy can support strong and vibrant rural communities and economies in the coming years.


Community Empowerment & Landscape

This research – launched in September 2018 – has been published jointly by Inherit and Community Land Scotland.

It is about landscape policies in Scotland, how they are implemented, and how this affects communities' ability to develop, influence decisions about the land and achieve rural renewal and repopulation.


In 2019, we presented the findings at the Scottish Parliament, as part of an event on 'A sustainable future for rural Scotland' that we organised with Scotland's Futures Forum and the Young Academy of Scotland


Press coverage includes:

Policy brief on the new historic environment policy for Scotland

This policy brief was published on 15th June 2018, in response to a consultation by Historic Environment Scotland on the approach being taken to the policy and on the issues and topics the policy should cover.

Landscape Justice

In 2017, Inherit director Chris Dalglish was asked by Community Land Scotland to produce a short essay on 'landscape justice' for their web page on rural renewal and repopulation. In the essay, Chris discusses 'landscape justice' as an idea that brings social  and environmental justice concerns together, with a particular focus on land. He identifies the need for change in landscape policies and the ways they are implemented, and for change in the way landscapes are defined and understood. He argues that community organisations must play a greater role if the sustainable development of rural landscapes and the communities who inhabit them is to be achieved.