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On the move | Faces

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Vovousa Festival

14 - 22 July 2018 Village of Vovousa, E. Zagori, Greece

Free Entry

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On the move | Faces brings together a dynamic and critical selection of photographs from around the Mediterranean shedding light to the livelihoods of our contemporary transhumant and mobile pastoralists across the Basin. This latest edition of the On the move exhibition offers a free, lively space to discover older and new photographic work and reflect on a time of significant change and the effects of modernisation on traditional practices like transhumance.

The exhibition features a diverse selection of 30 portraits of shepherds by 6 artists working in Marocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, Spain and Greece and engaging with topical concerns; from the rapidly changing socio-economic context, the environment, technology, human relations, and cultural heritage.

The Institute for Heritage and Sustainable Human Development is supporting and co-curating this exhibition with the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA) and the photographer, Stamos Abatis.

The exhibition is organised in the framework of the “On the Move” initiative of the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature & Culture (www.medconsortium.org) and is co-funded by MAVA Foundation for Nature.

For more information contact Aphrodite Sorotou: asorotou@yorkat.co.uk or click here.


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