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INHERIT’s forthcoming symposium at the IALE 2017 European Congress

Updated: Oct 5

From fragility to empowerment

The directors of INHERIT are pleased to invite you to participate in our symposium at the IALE 2017 European Congress “From pattern and process to people and action”, in Ghent, 12-15 September 2017. INHERIT’s symposium “From fragility to empowerment: new approaches to landscape community development after the adoption of UN’s SDGs” will be taking place on the afternoon of the 14th of September with an audience of academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines and contexts. The aim of the symposium is to foster exchange of know-how, and inspire and provoke conversations that matter. For more details about the schedule of symposia please visit: http://www.iale-europe.eu/sites/default/files/pdfs/schedule%20symposia_20170629.pdf.

Our goal is to showcase innovative thinking and practical examples of landscape and community development, demonstrating a range of current and potential strategies which respond to local and global challenges. Through a range of presentations and a workshop, we aim:

- to promote and support work which links the empowerment of fragile communities around the globe with development that respects landscape and human rights from a social, economic, cultural and ecological justice perspective;

- to explore new ground-up ways of developing landscape research and practice within the framework of the global sustainable development agenda; and,

- to outline ways of promoting the wider adoption and implementation of this innovative approach by communities, NGOs, governments and others.

For a full description of our symposium please visit: http://www.iale-europe.eu/iale2017/fragility-empowerment-new-approaches-landscape-community-development-after-adoption-un’s

We hope to meet you all there.


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